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Comment on Python script sends bulk email by Sofyana Bellaa Fri, 18 May 2018 02:50:18 +0000 will it not work if we do not have a Python programming system installed on our computer?

Comment on CRC integrity check of ARM Cortex flash memory by Adam Pearce Wed, 15 Nov 2017 13:52:59 +0000 I found the cortex_crc code would not correctly on Windows using open, read, write, close. It would error on not getting a number of bytes divisible by 4 even when my firmware image size was such. So I changed the code to use fopen family of calls as follows and this works:

/* cortex_crc — calculate crc of file and append at end
crctab and the crc formula is taken from Linux coreutils cksum.c and is
Copyright (C) 1992, 1995-2006, 2008-2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by Q. Frank Xia,
Cosmetic changes and reorganization by David MacKenzie,

How to calculate crc the way the ST cortex processors do was described by MySTForum
post at 8/31/2009 9:11 PM by brian.d.myers

The rest of this source is Copyright (C) 2010 Odd Arild Olsen.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see .

to compile: gcc cortex_crc.c -ocortex_crc

Usage: cortex_crc [file…]



uint32_t crc;
uint32_t buf[256];

static const uint32_t crctab[256] =
0x04c11db7, 0x09823b6e, 0x0d4326d9, 0x130476dc, 0x17c56b6b,
0x1a864db2, 0x1e475005, 0x2608edb8, 0x22c9f00f, 0x2f8ad6d6,
0x2b4bcb61, 0x350c9b64, 0x31cd86d3, 0x3c8ea00a, 0x384fbdbd,
0x4c11db70, 0x48d0c6c7, 0x4593e01e, 0x4152fda9, 0x5f15adac,
0x5bd4b01b, 0x569796c2, 0x52568b75, 0x6a1936c8, 0x6ed82b7f,
0x639b0da6, 0x675a1011, 0x791d4014, 0x7ddc5da3, 0x709f7b7a,
0x745e66cd, 0x9823b6e0, 0x9ce2ab57, 0x91a18d8e, 0x95609039,
0x8b27c03c, 0x8fe6dd8b, 0x82a5fb52, 0x8664e6e5, 0xbe2b5b58,
0xbaea46ef, 0xb7a96036, 0xb3687d81, 0xad2f2d84, 0xa9ee3033,
0xa4ad16ea, 0xa06c0b5d, 0xd4326d90, 0xd0f37027, 0xddb056fe,
0xd9714b49, 0xc7361b4c, 0xc3f706fb, 0xceb42022, 0xca753d95,
0xf23a8028, 0xf6fb9d9f, 0xfbb8bb46, 0xff79a6f1, 0xe13ef6f4,
0xe5ffeb43, 0xe8bccd9a, 0xec7dd02d, 0x34867077, 0x30476dc0,
0x3d044b19, 0x39c556ae, 0x278206ab, 0x23431b1c, 0x2e003dc5,
0x2ac12072, 0x128e9dcf, 0x164f8078, 0x1b0ca6a1, 0x1fcdbb16,
0x018aeb13, 0x054bf6a4, 0x0808d07d, 0x0cc9cdca, 0x7897ab07,
0x7c56b6b0, 0x71159069, 0x75d48dde, 0x6b93dddb, 0x6f52c06c,
0x6211e6b5, 0x66d0fb02, 0x5e9f46bf, 0x5a5e5b08, 0x571d7dd1,
0x53dc6066, 0x4d9b3063, 0x495a2dd4, 0x44190b0d, 0x40d816ba,
0xaca5c697, 0xa864db20, 0xa527fdf9, 0xa1e6e04e, 0xbfa1b04b,
0xbb60adfc, 0xb6238b25, 0xb2e29692, 0x8aad2b2f, 0x8e6c3698,
0x832f1041, 0x87ee0df6, 0x99a95df3, 0x9d684044, 0x902b669d,
0x94ea7b2a, 0xe0b41de7, 0xe4750050, 0xe9362689, 0xedf73b3e,
0xf3b06b3b, 0xf771768c, 0xfa325055, 0xfef34de2, 0xc6bcf05f,
0xc27dede8, 0xcf3ecb31, 0xcbffd686, 0xd5b88683, 0xd1799b34,
0xdc3abded, 0xd8fba05a, 0x690ce0ee, 0x6dcdfd59, 0x608edb80,
0x644fc637, 0x7a089632, 0x7ec98b85, 0x738aad5c, 0x774bb0eb,
0x4f040d56, 0x4bc510e1, 0x46863638, 0x42472b8f, 0x5c007b8a,
0x58c1663d, 0x558240e4, 0x51435d53, 0x251d3b9e, 0x21dc2629,
0x2c9f00f0, 0x285e1d47, 0x36194d42, 0x32d850f5, 0x3f9b762c,
0x3b5a6b9b, 0x0315d626, 0x07d4cb91, 0x0a97ed48, 0x0e56f0ff,
0x1011a0fa, 0x14d0bd4d, 0x19939b94, 0x1d528623, 0xf12f560e,
0xf5ee4bb9, 0xf8ad6d60, 0xfc6c70d7, 0xe22b20d2, 0xe6ea3d65,
0xeba91bbc, 0xef68060b, 0xd727bbb6, 0xd3e6a601, 0xdea580d8,
0xda649d6f, 0xc423cd6a, 0xc0e2d0dd, 0xcda1f604, 0xc960ebb3,
0xbd3e8d7e, 0xb9ff90c9, 0xb4bcb610, 0xb07daba7, 0xae3afba2,
0xaafbe615, 0xa7b8c0cc, 0xa379dd7b, 0x9b3660c6, 0x9ff77d71,
0x92b45ba8, 0x9675461f, 0x8832161a, 0x8cf30bad, 0x81b02d74,
0x857130c3, 0x5d8a9099, 0x594b8d2e, 0x5408abf7, 0x50c9b640,
0x4e8ee645, 0x4a4ffbf2, 0x470cdd2b, 0x43cdc09c, 0x7b827d21,
0x7f436096, 0x7200464f, 0x76c15bf8, 0x68860bfd, 0x6c47164a,
0x61043093, 0x65c52d24, 0x119b4be9, 0x155a565e, 0x18197087,
0x1cd86d30, 0x029f3d35, 0x065e2082, 0x0b1d065b, 0x0fdc1bec,
0x3793a651, 0x3352bbe6, 0x3e119d3f, 0x3ad08088, 0x2497d08d,
0x2056cd3a, 0x2d15ebe3, 0x29d4f654, 0xc5a92679, 0xc1683bce,
0xcc2b1d17, 0xc8ea00a0, 0xd6ad50a5, 0xd26c4d12, 0xdf2f6bcb,
0xdbee767c, 0xe3a1cbc1, 0xe760d676, 0xea23f0af, 0xeee2ed18,
0xf0a5bd1d, 0xf464a0aa, 0xf9278673, 0xfde69bc4, 0x89b8fd09,
0x8d79e0be, 0x803ac667, 0x84fbdbd0, 0x9abc8bd5, 0x9e7d9662,
0x933eb0bb, 0x97ffad0c, 0xafb010b1, 0xab710d06, 0xa6322bdf,
0xa2f33668, 0xbcb4666d, 0xb8757bda, 0xb5365d03, 0xb1f740b4

void CrcInit(void)
crc = 0xffffffff;

uint32_t CortexCrc(uint8_t *src, int len )
uint8_t *bp;
int idx;
for (idx=0; idx < len; idx++) {
bp = src + (idx^0x3);
crc = ( crc <> 24 ) ^ *bp ) & 0xFF ];
return crc;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
int n;
FILE* fp;
char space= ‘ ‘;
if (argc != 2)
printf(“Use: cortex_crc filename\n”);
return 1;
fp = fopen(argv[1], “rb”);
if(fp == NULL)
printf(“Can’t open file %s for reading\n”, argv[1]);
return 2;
n= fread(buf, 1, sizeof(buf), fp);
if(n%4 != 0)
printf(“File length must be multiple of 4 bytes “);
return 3;
CortexCrc((uint8_t *)buf, n);
if(n != sizeof(buf)) break;
printf(“crc is 0, so the crc has already been appended\n”);
return 4;

fp= fopen(argv[1], “ab”);
if(fp == NULL)
printf(“Can’t open file %s for writing\n”, argv[1]);
return 5;
fwrite(&crc, 1, 4, fp);
printf(“crc appended to file: %x\n”, crc);
return 0;

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by Georg Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:11:45 +0000 Many thanks for this script.
I fully agree. Used kmail for almost 10 years.
Right now there are some serious issues, still not fixed.
Because devs don’t wont to, or it has not enough priority:
– HTML mail composer: it is not possible to resize the embedded image
– poor handling of lists when composing mails
– hiDPI support when displaying an email: when clicking on a link the whole panel gets messed up and I have to restart kmail
– printing of emails: I have to use the browser …
– akonadi: sometimes just crashes or take 100% CPU, good idea but …..

Now I am trying to move away to thunderbird. Even this is a mess. Exporting mail hangs on certain folders and I have to copy around the content of this folder to get export working again …..

KDE Desktop is going down. From my point of view the two main applications that made me move to KDE a long time ago are broken now:
Kmail and Amarok …. it is such a disappointment.

Comment on Python script sends bulk email by oao Tue, 07 Mar 2017 11:02:30 +0000 For simplicity I use a special mail account for this so there will be only a single mail on the pop.server. I think it will be easy to change the to load an indexed mail from your regular account. Use to get the index and then read the index number in and download the email .

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by Oliver Tue, 27 Sep 2016 21:20:06 +0000 Still working 2016 with thunderbird 45.3.0 (on Mint 18 and Cinnamon) and with an old Kmail-folder used since 2005 (and happily backuped in Dezember 2015).

the one-liner worked out of the box and the eml subdirectories had been created fast.

Anyhow, I had some strange occurences importing them, that I want to share (infos are translated into english as I use a german system)
– I needed to search the “Thunderbird ImportExportTools” with google, download it locally and then to install it via “extra->addon/ -> /Install from file (last one kind of hidden 🙂
[I did not find it with the thunderbird -search function within the “addon” feature. Maybe me :)]
– I needed to create a “new” mail account, as the export-import tool did not import to “local” (checking “local” it says, it does not exist, so, there might be some issues on my side updating from mint 17 to mint 18) – anyhow, after i created a second email-account (the “first” is an IMAP one since 2016), the importexport tool started to react properly (before, it did nothing at all while trying to import).
– I created the sub folders “inbox” and “sent” in the second account, right-clicked on “inbox” and then went for “import/Export”->import all mails from a folder->including subfolders and searched for the kmail-inbox folder “inbox” (not eml, but above) finaly imported all old Emails. (same with “sent”).

Nice explanation and thanks!

Comment on Python script sends bulk email by anthony Sun, 28 Aug 2016 19:48:27 +0000 hey, i do not understand the usage of special email
do i need to setup another valid mail account and send my template to that or just send to some fake address??

Comment on How far does a dwarf-hamster run during a night? by zsygab Tue, 06 Oct 2015 11:29:21 +0000 I created a tiny website to measure the performance of my hamster and plot the data on different graphs.

If you are interested in some statistical data, like how much a hamster is running, or how far did he manage to get, visit:

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by Paul Ollion Mon, 13 Jul 2015 17:35:26 +0000 July 13 2015 on OpenSuSe 13.2
Nice little script, very useful, I even got the attachments
Worked a charm.
I used Kmail on my old OpenSuSe 11.2 but it was too unpleasantly buggy.
Time to change. Thanks for your help.

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by Martin Sun, 24 May 2015 07:32:58 +0000 Still very useful in 2015! Thanks a lot, with your help it took only a few minutes to import about 10 years of mail from kmail into Thunderbird. 🙂

I really liked kmail, but while the whole akonadi thing is a fascinating piece of technology, I finally decided I don’t need the functionality it provides and got better use for the RAM.

Comment on A small DIY hydro-electric power generator by oao Sun, 23 Mar 2014 16:33:14 +0000 I would start with searching for used parts: turbine, pipe nozzle, generator and other mechanical parts. For low power the easiest is perhaps to use a DC generator and use some easily available electronics for solar power to generate 110VAC from that.

Comment on A small DIY hydro-electric power generator by steve Thu, 20 Mar 2014 02:35:04 +0000 Very cool. If you were going to build your own hydro-electric generator today, what would be your first step. Thinking about powering a small home. As cost for the initial setup is a concern for me, I’m asking if you have any ideas. on your build, it looks as if you have used many spare parts, which I love. I, however, am not sure I have the technical savvy to construct such a machine without using some companies premanufactured system. thx Steve

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by Graham Nicholls Mon, 17 Feb 2014 22:30:56 +0000 kmail seems to work these days. I totally agree with all the nepomuk/akonadi/kdepim naysayers – the developers broke it, then released it. The arrogant ****s have taken it away from us techies to try to compete at the bottom: with windows.

They’ll be giving us a registry, next, but back to kmail: I wish I could work out how to have simple sorted by date, threaded views, without the windows-inspired “today”, “yesterday”, “last week” space wasting separators (I display the date in the list, and usually know what date it is today). I reckon some new developer though “how cool to work out when “last week” was”, and put it in. T*****s!

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by JAM Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:55:36 +0000 Thanks for the write up. Worked for me.

I have been using kmail for about ten years and finally gave up. It is now a substandard product, buggy, unresponsive, and contrary to the previous linux/unix philosophy of one good tool for one job. Now it is tied to the symantic concept through akonadi, which seems to have been born broken and broken is in its genes. Have lost mail to many times to continue to wait for a usable and dependable mail client.

Comment on Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail by sadanon Fri, 06 Dec 2013 22:50:36 +0000 Thanks for the tip. I’m trying it now.

I’ve been with Kmail for years as well, and it’s with great sadness that I too am finally resolving to quit. I have nothing against Thunderbird, in fact I quite like it, but I was staying with Kmail because it really could be such a great application. But it’s just so horribly buggy. I can’t take any more ‘broken resource’ error messages, any more backend changes that require my entire email history to be re-imported (to the same application!), and on and on. Time to quit.

Comment on Hide PIN-code in random matrix by Mac Thu, 20 Jun 2013 13:58:49 +0000 Such an excellent concept. I wonder if credit card sized alpha/numeric matrix could be used to contain several passwords? Now that would be really useful. Not sure how one would correlate the start of a pattern or its sequence to any
given requirement. Now write up.

Comment on Luminary Stellaris under Linux by oao Wed, 09 Nov 2011 18:10:29 +0000 It’s a long time since I used the Stellaris, you can have a look at to perhaps find some help with OpenOCD

Comment on Luminary Stellaris under Linux by raksha sharma Sat, 05 Nov 2011 07:09:50 +0000 Hi,
I am also using LM3s2965 but i am unable to get the blink status on card, when i execute the code it does not give any error but it does not work according to code.
1) in this .bin file created but the size is less(100 bytes)
2) how to write ld file or plz provide ld file.

I am using code sourcery g++ lit and eclipse, and i am unable to connect to openocd also.
plz provide help.

Comment on NV-RAM for the TS7500 ARM single board computer by Martin Mon, 14 Mar 2011 18:28:24 +0000 Wow! I was using the TS7250 which had the PC-style RTC, and I used the NVRAM to regularly store a few bytes of vital information – for example, the current time and date and the last recorded meter reading. The time and date allowed the system to produce a message at startup time ‘Starting at 11:30 – last active at 11:20’ so you could see how long it had been down for. (Power outages).

I did complain to Technologic when I moved over to the TS7550, and removed that functionality from the software. At the time, they said they were unaware that customers were using the NVRAM in the RTC.

I will go back to TS with this, since I am buying between one and two hundred boards per month.