Compile TS7500 sample code

The TS-7500 single board computer from Technologic Systems is one of a family of boards based on the  Cavium ARM processor. The board runs a standard Debian Linux system from an SD card, useful for development, and alternatively a uClibc/Busybox system from flash for the  production phase (boots in less than 3 sec). This post describes how to compile that sample code

First, you have to install the uClibc cross compile tool chain, see my previous post. and download the sample code

The modify the Makefile to reflect the cross compiler  path, e.g.


The make files are set up to compile and link for three architectures: ARM9, X86 and Cavium. We want to compile for the Cavium processor only. To compile the dioctl program, go to the dioctl directory and delete  _ARM9 and _X86 and keep  _cavium. The make files will now only compile for the cavium architecture. Edit the Makefile in this directory also, first the caviumprefix according to the toolchain path:


and comment out the syncdir line. Then remove all files from under _cavium and product (rm _cavium/* product/*) and type make. This will produce the dioctl program, testprograms and a dynamic and static library under the product directory. You can copy these to the TS7500 computer.

To make the canctl programs, go to that directory, edit the Makefile as above, add a _cavium and product directory and run make.

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