Change Beaglebone display geometry

I’m not into the GUI on my beaglebone black, only multiuser run level 3. That is, I get a big black terminal on my HDMI display. OK, that’s what I want.

The problem was: the acendents of letters and the underscore ended up below the screen area, makes line editing difficult.

So, I installed fbset, a program to adjust the geometry of the frame buffer screen

pacman -S fbset

and run

fbset    -s


geometry 1280 720 1280 720 16


fbset    -g  1280 710 1280 710 16

which gave me a few pixels of margin at the bottom of the screen

Wrote a systemd file:


Description=Initscript for hdmi




ExecStart=/usr/bin/fbset -g 1280 710 1280 710 16


and saved to


Tested by running

systemctl start myhdmi.service

And made to start automatically at boot:

systemctl enabl myhdmi.service

All this should probably be run as root or by sudo

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