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Use the correct CUPS client driver

I had problems with accessing the CUPS print server, the printouts were a light grade of grey instead of black. The cause was different versions of the PPD files on the client and server. One can actually download the PPD from the server, like


where the IP address is the server and abc is the printer queue name. Then use this driver for  client configuration.


Thunderbird: Import mail from Kmail

I think I have used Kmail for at least ten years, but now I give up. I have used Kmail2 for more than a year, but it just doesn’t work. I think this is the worst Linux application I ever have ever used – probably a KDE-killer application. I can’t get Kmail1 back, so now I migrated to Thunderbird. One practical aspect of this: How do I transfer mail from Kmail to Thunderbird?
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