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Busybox DNS server

Busybox  is a collection of Linux utilities used for embedded systems, like network routers, robots, video cameras and toasters. A DNS (domain name system) server looks up the IP address when given a domain name. E.g. the response from querying with ‘busybox.net’ will be  140.211. 167.224. This post is a short introduction to the Busybox DNS server.
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Dynamic IP nameserver updater, with a tweet

I have a server connected to the Internet over a dynamic IP ADSL connection. Now and then the IP address changes and name servers need to be updated so I can access the server from outside. This updater periodically checks the IP address, informs a dynamic IP name service when changes occur, and tweets me about it. Continue reading ‘Dynamic IP nameserver updater, with a tweet’

A small static nameserver

This is a simple domain-name server for an embedded system in a closed local network. Originally called the Severely Crippled Domain Name Server, this server is now the name server of Busybox.

The purpose of this name server is to give the embedded controller a name, so if connecting a laptop for configuration and other maintenance, the controller provides the laptop with its name so the user can access by name instead of IP number.