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Script reads present IP address from ADSL router

Update: A simpler and morre universal method to get your IP address:    http://oao.no/wpe/2014/10/script-reads-public-ip-address-from-adsl-router-using-unp/

I have a dynamic IP address ADSL subscription. This means that my public IP address changes now and then. If the address changes and I don’t know the new one, I cannot access my network from the outside. Address change detection also enables me to inform the dynamic IP name server I use ( http://freedns.afraid.org/ ) so my DNS entry will be updated. All this has to be done automatically in a script. There are servers around the Internet you can query for your present IP address (e.g. http://www.whatismyip.com/ ), but they usually have a limit on how often you can send queries.
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