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Arduino library for the AM2302 humidity and temperature sensor

The AM2303 sensor  from Aosong integrates a humidity and temperature sensor. A micro controller can fetch the sample values from the device via a single serial signal line. The measurement resolutions (not accuracy) are 0.1% RH and 0.1 °C.  AM2301, DHT21, DHT22,  SHT15, SHT11 and SHT10 are probably equivalent products. I have tested the library using an Arduino Pro Micro module. You can download the library here . Continue reading ‘Arduino library for the AM2302 humidity and temperature sensor’

ARM with CAN interface

An open hardware project involving a PCB with an AT91SAM7X128 processor with galvanically isolated CAN bus and power running off 24V DC. All documentation needed for production (schematics, board layout, gerber files) is included in this tar-archive. You are free to use and produce this hardware, see the included license file. This project is also registered with Harkopen.