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Automatic podcast to player copier

When I plug my mobile phone or mp3 player into my PC the newest editions of the podcasts I subscribe to are transfered. No mousing and clicking anymore, everything is handled automatically by the computer.

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Store docs in the microcontroller’s flash

When starting out as an engineer, building electronic circuits of many kinds, my mentor advised me to always leave a copy of the schematics within the box. This is a wise proposition, the schematics in the box will probably be up to date and readily available. On the other hand, external documentation may be displaced and even lost during a period of time. This is equivalent to program documentation: Comments within the source file are easier to keep up to date than some external documentation, like flow sheets.

Now I use a board with a micro controller which¬† flash memory is much larger than what I need for the application. So why not use that spare flash to embed¬† some docs? Continue reading ‘Store docs in the microcontroller’s flash’