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CRC integrity check of ARM Cortex flash memory

The program and data contained in a micro controller flash memory can become corrupted over time. The integrity can be verified by running a CRC test over the flash. This post describes how to automatically add the correct CRC to a binary file and later let the micro controller perform the check. Continue reading ‘CRC integrity check of ARM Cortex flash memory’

Stellaris Cortex and OpenOCD

I have always had problems with OpenOCD, mainly due to bad documentation out of sync with the code. I got a new evaluation board for the LM3S2965 processor (EK-LM3S2965) last week and gave OpenOCD a new try, and lo, this has become quite simple. Continue reading ‘Stellaris Cortex and OpenOCD’

Store docs in the microcontroller’s flash

When starting out as an engineer, building electronic circuits of many kinds, my mentor advised me to always leave a copy of the schematics within the box. This is a wise proposition, the schematics in the box will probably be up to date and readily available. On the other hand, external documentation may be displaced and even lost during a period of time. This is equivalent to program documentation: Comments within the source file are easier to keep up to date than some external documentation, like flow sheets.

Now I use a board with a micro controller which¬† flash memory is much larger than what I need for the application. So why not use that spare flash to embed¬† some docs? Continue reading ‘Store docs in the microcontroller’s flash’