Luminary Stellaris under Linux

You may log in to the Luminary web page and download the source files for the ARM Cortex based boards they produce. I needed the source for the brushless motor kit: SW-RDK-BLDC-4694.exe, which is a Windows executable. After download Firefox offered me to run the file with wine, which I did. The source code was unpacked and placed under ~/.wine/drive_c/StellarisWare.I went to that directory and edited makedefs. I commented out the definition for PREFIX and inserted this line instead


to point to where my tool chain resides. See my previous blog about building the tools. After saving the file I just typed make and saw make go through the source tree. The source tree contains the source for all the boards from Luminary. I think I’ll move the tree to a working directory and remove all parts that do not pertain to the board I use.

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  • Hi,
    I am also using LM3s2965 but i am unable to get the blink status on card, when i execute the code it does not give any error but it does not work according to code.
    1) in this .bin file created but the size is less(100 bytes)
    2) how to write ld file or plz provide ld file.

    I am using code sourcery g++ lit and eclipse, and i am unable to connect to openocd also.
    plz provide help.

  • It’s a long time since I used the Stellaris, you can have a look at to perhaps find some help with OpenOCD

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