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Cross compile for ARM, TS-7500 board

The TS-7500 single board computer from Technologic Systems is one of a family of boards based on theĀ  Cavium ARM processor. The board runs a standard Debian Linux system from an SD card, useful for development, and alternatively a uClibc/Busybox system from flash for theĀ  production phase (boots in less than 3 sec). Programs for the Debian system can be compiled on board, but that is a somewhat slow experience. So except for small test programs one will want to cross compile using a Linux work station. Continue reading ‘Cross compile for ARM, TS-7500 board’

Luminary Stellaris under Linux

You may log in to the Luminary web page and download the source files for the ARM Cortex based boards they produce. I needed the source for the brushless motor kit: SW-RDK-BLDC-4694.exe, which is a Windows executable. Continue reading ‘Luminary Stellaris under Linux’

Build gcc for ARM Cortex processor

I have lately built several versions of the Linux GCC tool chain for the ARM Cortex processor. But the generated tools do not work properly with floating point, issuing errors about floating point inconsistencies. Continue reading ‘Build gcc for ARM Cortex processor’