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CRC integrity check of ARM Cortex flash memory

The program and data contained in a micro controller flash memory can become corrupted over time. The integrity can be verified by running a CRC test over the flash. This post describes how to automatically add the correct CRC to a binary file and later let the micro controller perform the check. Continue reading ‘CRC integrity check of ARM Cortex flash memory’

Stellaris Cortex and OpenOCD

I have always had problems with OpenOCD, mainly due to bad documentation out of sync with the code. I got a new evaluation board for the LM3S2965 processor (EK-LM3S2965) last week and gave OpenOCD a new try, and lo, this has become quite simple. Continue reading ‘Stellaris Cortex and OpenOCD’

Luminary Stellaris under Linux

You may log in to the Luminary web page and download the source files for the ARM Cortex based boards they produce. I needed the source for the brushless motor kit: SW-RDK-BLDC-4694.exe, which is a Windows executable. Continue reading ‘Luminary Stellaris under Linux’

Build gcc for ARM Cortex processor

I have lately built several versions of the Linux GCC tool chain for the ARM Cortex processor. But the generated tools do not work properly with floating point, issuing errors about floating point inconsistencies. Continue reading ‘Build gcc for ARM Cortex processor’